Sunday, January 16, 2011


its 1.30am n im still awake...still xdpat tdUr bhaa! i was having a bAd migrAin jUst nOw and ada msih ckit2 laa dat pain until nOw...i dnt know y bUt mcm balik2 juga dis migrain ...maybe juga la bcAuse of stress or wUt so eva kann...dO u even care?
lets see...toDay...i mean,yesterday, 15th Jan,i was at hOme for the whole day...x juga la cUz we went tO abg deen`s hOuse ptg lpas asar tue...ada kendUri for his new house...mkan2 gtu looo...actually, i ody planned mAw hang oUt wit my baba afif dgan cweknya sis nAd...mAw hang oUt wit em n sambil2 tgOk drg bAtchmate koo main taLkin abOut drg jOy,Ooney,jAnUb,syAz,abU and other dpa05 guys ...dgan niAt untk menziarahi saudara koo, plan maw pg spend time wit friends trpaksa dbatalkan...apa2 pOwn,im a bit frUst laa jugaa..bUt wUt to do kan... :p
u kNow wUt, time sUnyi2 bgne ne laa my thOughts and everythng t`ingat balik abOut the "other day" ...i miss .... sOooo much! S.O.S! klau laaa ... knows kan painful it is to miss sUm1 yg bLom tau lgi they might feel the same way or nOt...
I thought I was over him, done with him but then there he was, and I couldn't breathe. ..
aMd  do you ever miss me? I mean truly, aching in bottom-of-your-heart pain, which you just can't ignore? Because that's how I feel. Every single day...(cewaaaaaah) bUt seriOusLy dats hOw i feel...
need tO sLeep bUt my eyes xmaw ttUp...bLom ngantuk pOwn....bUt i`ll ya bLoggie bLog bLog kOO!

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