Monday, February 14, 2011

DILEMMA???kaa any other wOrd dAt sUits hOw i feel ryte nOw??

hey...its been quite  along time since the last day i updated my dEar bLog...n im decide on updating and made this entry after i read a bLog of a friend of mine...ive nO speechless(of cOz laa..type plak ne kan) soooo SAD..i think...apa org mlayu bilang,sedih..or maybe the word TOUCHED yg ngam so terharu by a person yg really2 ..i dnt know laa...i dnt knOw dat sUm1 can love me dat mUch although ive responded quite few times ony...ive nO idea hOw to face dat person...dat person is a kind person and i dnt wanna hurt the pUre n sincere heart that the person soooo tOuched n feel like crying ryte nOw...i dnt knOw how to tell that there`s still only ONE person i love the mOst untill nOw other than my family n frnds laa...bUt stiLL...ive nO idea at all...

sriously i dOnt wanna hurt that person...i just ...urghhhhhhhhhhhh! im in the middle of smwhre where i still need tO get over sUm1 althoUgh im still really really really love dat person ...i dnt knOw...srius aq xtaww...tLg laa pLanet...ksian bha iv i cant gve dat oerson what dat person want...LOVE! COMPLICATED...isnt it? mcm2 bhaa..e2 laa..umi slalu ckap,"jgan la dlu maw bcnta2 laa dlu"...bUt nOthings wrOng wit it bha kan...the feeling cannOt be avoided ryte...its jUst dat Ure the one yg ptut tahu hOw to handle it...bUt, i admit that im nOt strOng enOugh tO do that n i knOw everybOdy`s nOt...
its gettin late peeps...bnyak bha i wanna type here bUt lmbat dha..nNt pagi maw pg klas...sooo...LOVE LOVE!

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