Tuesday, February 1, 2011

HEY! wei! yayyyy!

heLLo meLLow! i sUppOsedly dh tdO by nOw bUt stiLL mnahan mata ini bcUz of the INETESTING news oN whAts hAppening in EGYPT...akbal a friend of mine yg tOLD me abOut dat n tup tup tup...the repOrt qUite interesting n i trUs expLore mOre on it...its kinda HOT news dh juga...it even kLuar d brta d tV of cOz cUz  it invoLved MALAYSIAN pple yg still ada d egypt itself...sO...many thngs hAppen n its kiNda BAD ngettin WORSE as egypt sepertinya bcOme gLa2 CHAOS...well, iv u wAnna share n knOw mOre hOw interesting it is, cLick oN thOse LINKS beLow...

n banyak lgi n i`ll update it sOOn k...
mata ngAtuk gLa ody n im off fOr bed peeps! love love!

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