Monday, March 28, 2011

hari2 penat...mana tahan...

hey peeps!
im damn exhausted! S.O.S.! mcm itu TITLE bilang...hari2 pnaat...saya x than ooo...cLasses, bOOks,wOrds,aLphabets n smUa bNda yg kNa mngeNa dgAn stUdy or aNythng yg ive been thrOUgh for like EVERYDAY are sangat2 memenatkan...stress..tension..iya kalii..xtAu laa bUt everythng is kinda fine fOr me juga as smua tU is experience fOr me n everybOdy has to gO thrOugh the same thng as me juga kan...hee..
bUt so far or life is kinDa fUn tOO...i have mAny cOoL,hillarioUs,nice,caring,"kili" n fUnny friends...mcm2 gAya ada drg tu...they are thOse whO brighten up my dAys yg bLeh bikin gLa tu...(LOVE THEM!)
dUnno wUt tO write...(bnyk actuaLLy bUt mcm mlas jugaa...)
hey...u knOw wUtt...
its been a week sdAh n i xda mkAn NASI or org bckap "RICE"! hee...ive been thinking abOUt nOt gOnna mkan nAsi untk few days bha at frst bUt mcm bLey tahan sO i extend laa smpAi skrg...msUk today,dha 8 days i ddnt mkan nAsi...hehe(*cLapcLap*)...jUst wAnna tRy nEw things n wAnna experience nEw me laa...hee...kLau xmkan nAsi, i onLy eAt noodles ...i knOw its cArbs jUga bUt at least bkan NASI juga nmanya kan...nyaman juga laa..iv xmkan nAsi pOwn,msh gAk knyang rsa prUt...(COoL kan kan) ...
SERIOUSLY! im tired! im exhausted! lalalalallaa...
we're gOnna have a DINNER ne bhaa untk oUr facuLty FSPPP...(FSPPP stands fOr faculty of science political aNd policy stUdies..) neyh!...the dInner will be heLd d sna grAnd baLLrOom 1b'll be held on the 3rd of april iv im nOt mistaken..yg pNtg...SUNDAY laa...

y aM i ceta aLL this stUffs tO u'??hee..bOsan! dUnno wUt to write...there are mAny thngs i wanna share bUt ...later fOr bed nOw! nyte peeps! lovelove! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011


hey! imin the middle of a sitUatiOn where my hEad is kiLLin me...M.I.G.R.A.I.N! sakit kaplaaa! thnking of pOsting this eNtry to share hOw hUrt i am ryte nOw...misshim!wish u knOw this! SERIOUSLY!

i kNowwwww...i am me ya me smUanyaaa...
off fOr bed.lovelove

Thursday, March 24, 2011


hey peeps! hari2 i wAnna pOst smthng bUt seriOusLy dUnno wUt to pUt in as the title..hee..
ive sooo mAny things to cer2 bUt kinDa bUsy dOin my assignmnts sja neh...aND my eyes is kinda mau tutu jugaa..sooo sitt!bhaa..ya for bed! sorry la lately my pOst smua bOsan2...nyte peeps!lovelove!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday kOO!

iLIKEthissOng! hahahaha
like seriousLy..ive been cLicking the PLAY bUtton fOr like sooo many times..downloaded the sOng aNd REPLAY it! hahaha..siOk mmg bhaa! abOut to sLeep few minUtes ago when i remembered that ive a qUiz dUe tmrrOw yg i havent bUat..soo..TERpaksa la bgUn kJap then buat the qUiz...n tired n sleepy! soooo..nyte peeps! lovelove

Monday, March 21, 2011


i kinda have to type again! ive to type again as all the thng ive typed just gOne! urghhhh.. supposely went to bed since taaadi bUt uhmmm i feel like typing n share sumthng here wit u..huhu...i just fnshed watchng BURLESQUE...
uhmmmm...lamee...haha..i knowww..the mUvee was sooo lma ody  kuar d cnema bUt i just watchd it skrg...ive nO time to do so bha i was bUsy dOin OTHER thingg...anyway! it wAs AWESOME n ilked it! hhaa..n i thinkive fall fOr dis gUy over here...

hahahah...yeahhh.. i fall for dis gUy! he played the role JACK in dis mUvee bUt uhmmm...his real name is CAM smthng smthng...anyway...i fall for him! was a great mUvee thOugh...

hey...tOpic chnge...yesterday..i "chat" wit  a friend of mine that kinda have dis :"feeling" twards me bUt never told me abOut it since long time agooo when i was year in uitm as a pre-comm student i think....he's a friend of my bLuvd cUzzie a.k.a my sis nurul as well...
anyway...he was actually  confessed yesterday n im nOt dat shOck wit it bUt i was kinda afraid...i dnt knOw bUt im afraid that i might hurt him mOre like i used to when i did a HUGE MISTAKE by accepting his bestfriend gUy...that jerk! afraid that i might hurt him n cannOt gve him wUt he wnt from me...n i did toLd him dat im really3 in a cOndition where i cannOt accept anyOne at this very mOment as this HEART in me is still in a bAd cOnditiOn n stiLL feel HURT like still missing dat gUy whO has brOke myheart withoUt ....urghh..dOntknOw...bUt whAT important is..i feel relief..i think..
this gUy the frnd of my cUzzie...he toLd me that he wouLd wAit for me nO matter hOw long cUz he said he really wnt me..bUt..i dnt kNow...its jUst hard for me tO trUst gUys SERIOUSLY!
i dnt knOw bUt ive read his bLog and all his words shOwing dat he really3 sincere aNd everythng that can shOws that i will be loved fOr sUre...he's a nice gUy...bUt..its me...i Just cant!(agak emo saya ini mlam)

oNe more thing...IMISSHIM!help me ya me tO get rid this feeling i have for that jerk as it hurt me sooo mUch that i can t bAre it... :(( im crying ryte nOw...u knOw i'll cry everytime im sad..even tiny thngs can make me cry....apa lg ini...missing him makes me cry...thinking of what he have done to me makes me cry...i cant even think of him as it'll make me cry...seriously i need help! wish he knOw hOw awful this ffeling that i have for him until this very hurts me so ...ive tO bare this feeling alone aNd seriously it hUrt me a lot!

anyway...ryte here ryte dada sakit sgt laa...dNt know y bUt it has been sakit since td better off for bed...ada klas tmrrOw..soo..iv i rajin..see U when u see u!lovelove!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


hey mOrning!
its my sis ieda's burthday tOday! heee...ive wished her n try tO call  her bUt bcUz of the "no insufficient balance credit: that i have..i ddnt make it..bUt ive texted her! hahaa...reaLLy hOpe she know dat....
anyway...this sOng sUits me nOw...hahahaa..ayaat tu bhaa..ngam ka jugaa...
naa..dis song bhaa..
uhmmm..gtg..jap lg i smbung dis entry k..lovelove!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


hey peeps! qUite siOk tonite as the rain is nOn stOp falling...hha...i like mmg... ...i was dOing my assignmnts when suddenly i remembered that i`ve had "LIKE" a page of hijab`s collectiOn where there'S one gorgeous looking woman as the model...anyways,her name is HANA TAJIMA SIMPSON iv im not mistaken anddd...I LIKE AND LOVE her styLe! she inspired many or maybe qUite majority girls that i knew whom wearing hijab and some who are nOt...anyway... I LIKE!
assignments masih bnyak...n yEt..stiLLthinking smau bnda yg xptUt...IMISSHIM!F*** laaa bilang..sit btul...
anyways,im sLeepy rite fOr bed dLu k... :))

Friday, March 11, 2011


ada lae...
im currently is watching dis vids...saaaaaaaaaangat sUka!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


hey! dAmn ooo! IMISSYOU! n pity me cUz  maybe u`re nOt reading this aNd might nOt knOw thAt im stiLL thinking of u eventhOUGh u dOnt deserve sriously I HATE THIS FEELING! ...
i dOnt wanna pOst this kinda thing here aNd bLuffing anD shOw dat im dat wEak ...bUt at this mOment,this is the oNLy way i can express myself aNd nOt disturbing others...this bLOg gOnna be the oNe who will listen tO me and yeahhh...git tuuuu arr..
aNyways,im damn exhausted as tOday`s lecture classes were kiNda daaaayyym hectic and i jUst came back frOm my night class which finished at 10...ya ALLAH! only god knOws hOw tired i am..nAmun..i cAnt sleep  early jUga at the same time...assignments banyak tu,iya la juga bUt i think dat maybe mmg xbley tdo cUz tlampau apa yaaa...dUnno laaa...maaa sihh lae xtaw apa2 ne kNun...kili!
untuk djadikan crita,recently n semenjak dua menjak neh,my memories or my "daya ingatn" nOt dat gOOd ne bhaa...many things dat jUst happened to me or any bnda yg mau dbuat,I CANT REMEMBER lgsung...the thoughts pndai dtg ckit2 xlma lpas tu la tapi...(sOrry ayat tunggang terbalik.LOL) apa2 pOwn,jUst maw gtau e2 jak...PNDAI HILANG INGATAN juga saya neh...SHORT TERM MEMORY LOST org BRUNEI bilang...

IM NOT READY! thAnx tO HIM! :((

d pagi yg iNdah ini...i jUst need sOmethng tO write oN as im damn wOrry abOUt the feelings of peopLe arOund me nOw...dnt kNOw y bUt im kiNda feel dat ive been loved qUite mUch n dadadaddaaaa...i jUst wAnt them tO knOw that i oNy can love them hOw i love my famiLy ...i jUst cAnt love anyoNe mOre than they expected rite nOw cUz i dnt feel like nOt in a mood to do so..dUnno y  or maybe nOt sUre cUz I JUST CANT do nOt in a mOOd to be in a relationship wit sUmOne and so oN...wish dat i can tell..
dUnno la iv im telamapau "cover" my ayat bUt yes...i JUST WANT PEEPS OR GUYS AROUND ME to NOT really expecting more frOm jUst nOt ready fOr any cOmmitment or wUt so damn wOrried ryte nOw...HONESTLY!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


heyyy...its been sooo long since the last day ive updated my bLog ayte...huhu.. damn tired actually bUt still awake tO fnish my assignmnt kNun BUT...bnyak distractions like FB...YOUTUBE...n bLog ging ne xpa la...its ok..hee..
u knOw wUt..gLa tiring ne few days neh...since last week lg,there r lots n lots of assgnmnt n keja lain needed to be dOne...and..alhmdulillah ada dh yg slesai..n nOw..ada few lg left...bUt yg pnting,i ada usaha ok...
many things happened since xda update bLog neh...
ive been sUffering a bAd daymm day jugabcuz of few thngs...psal sepa lg kannn..apa2 pOwn,it was damn hArd...cOnfidence pOwn mcm hlang bcuz of dat..sakit pown msh rsa smpai skrg bUt im trying tO really3 gEt over it..SERIUS neh! xda msa la bha maw think abOUt dat jerk anymore..waste of time...the gaya is soooaa "bida'"...serius bida'...tau dh the gaya mcmna...rupanyaa kann..taking everythng for benefits...trUth pOwn dh bnyak dha tau ckit..sooo..ok la..jUst let me knOw smua sndri..maw explain n bgtaw nnt,mcm xda gUna n dat person nOt gonna mngaku anyway...
engat balik apa my miss farahan ckap tadi(when we mkn2 n she kinda bg ceramah n advise n share2 ceta2,),she said yg a gUy should actually just tell the truth bla maw ckap psal bnda2 yg might hurt a girl1s heart...bla dha baik2 dpat a girl tu,baik2 la juga kasi  lpas ...nO need tO tipu2 or bg BULLSHITS n craps alsan apa smua untk cOver the real niat of the :perpisahan"..cewaahh..ckup llaa jiwang neh..apa2 pown,btul bha juga apa miss ckap tu ...n ive realized hOw awful dat thing is when he made dat kinda decision...dat person was right when said dat I DESERVE SOMEONE BETTER...INDEED! lega nOw..happy pown adaaa!!!hhaaa...happy withOut dat person!
bhaa..wAnna prOceed dOin assgnment yg dcintai dLu u again LATER! love love!