Thursday, March 10, 2011

IM NOT READY! thAnx tO HIM! :((

d pagi yg iNdah ini...i jUst need sOmethng tO write oN as im damn wOrry abOUt the feelings of peopLe arOund me nOw...dnt kNOw y bUt im kiNda feel dat ive been loved qUite mUch n dadadaddaaaa...i jUst wAnt them tO knOw that i oNy can love them hOw i love my famiLy ...i jUst cAnt love anyoNe mOre than they expected rite nOw cUz i dnt feel like nOt in a mood to do so..dUnno y  or maybe nOt sUre cUz I JUST CANT do nOt in a mOOd to be in a relationship wit sUmOne and so oN...wish dat i can tell..
dUnno la iv im telamapau "cover" my ayat bUt yes...i JUST WANT PEEPS OR GUYS AROUND ME to NOT really expecting more frOm jUst nOt ready fOr any cOmmitment or wUt so damn wOrried ryte nOw...HONESTLY!

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