Monday, March 21, 2011


i kinda have to type again! ive to type again as all the thng ive typed just gOne! urghhhh.. supposely went to bed since taaadi bUt uhmmm i feel like typing n share sumthng here wit u..huhu...i just fnshed watchng BURLESQUE...
uhmmmm...lamee...haha..i knowww..the mUvee was sooo lma ody  kuar d cnema bUt i just watchd it skrg...ive nO time to do so bha i was bUsy dOin OTHER thingg...anyway! it wAs AWESOME n ilked it! hhaa..n i thinkive fall fOr dis gUy over here...

hahahah...yeahhh.. i fall for dis gUy! he played the role JACK in dis mUvee bUt uhmmm...his real name is CAM smthng smthng...anyway...i fall for him! was a great mUvee thOugh...

hey...tOpic chnge...yesterday..i "chat" wit  a friend of mine that kinda have dis :"feeling" twards me bUt never told me abOut it since long time agooo when i was year in uitm as a pre-comm student i think....he's a friend of my bLuvd cUzzie a.k.a my sis nurul as well...
anyway...he was actually  confessed yesterday n im nOt dat shOck wit it bUt i was kinda afraid...i dnt knOw bUt im afraid that i might hurt him mOre like i used to when i did a HUGE MISTAKE by accepting his bestfriend gUy...that jerk! afraid that i might hurt him n cannOt gve him wUt he wnt from me...n i did toLd him dat im really3 in a cOndition where i cannOt accept anyOne at this very mOment as this HEART in me is still in a bAd cOnditiOn n stiLL feel HURT like still missing dat gUy whO has brOke myheart withoUt ....urghh..dOntknOw...bUt whAT important is..i feel relief..i think..
this gUy the frnd of my cUzzie...he toLd me that he wouLd wAit for me nO matter hOw long cUz he said he really wnt me..bUt..i dnt kNow...its jUst hard for me tO trUst gUys SERIOUSLY!
i dnt knOw bUt ive read his bLog and all his words shOwing dat he really3 sincere aNd everythng that can shOws that i will be loved fOr sUre...he's a nice gUy...bUt..its me...i Just cant!(agak emo saya ini mlam)

oNe more thing...IMISSHIM!help me ya me tO get rid this feeling i have for that jerk as it hurt me sooo mUch that i can t bAre it... :(( im crying ryte nOw...u knOw i'll cry everytime im sad..even tiny thngs can make me cry....apa lg ini...missing him makes me cry...thinking of what he have done to me makes me cry...i cant even think of him as it'll make me cry...seriously i need help! wish he knOw hOw awful this ffeling that i have for him until this very hurts me so ...ive tO bare this feeling alone aNd seriously it hUrt me a lot!

anyway...ryte here ryte dada sakit sgt laa...dNt know y bUt it has been sakit since td better off for bed...ada klas tmrrOw..soo..iv i rajin..see U when u see u!lovelove!

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