Thursday, March 10, 2011


hey! dAmn ooo! IMISSYOU! n pity me cUz  maybe u`re nOt reading this aNd might nOt knOw thAt im stiLL thinking of u eventhOUGh u dOnt deserve sriously I HATE THIS FEELING! ...
i dOnt wanna pOst this kinda thing here aNd bLuffing anD shOw dat im dat wEak ...bUt at this mOment,this is the oNLy way i can express myself aNd nOt disturbing others...this bLOg gOnna be the oNe who will listen tO me and yeahhh...git tuuuu arr..
aNyways,im damn exhausted as tOday`s lecture classes were kiNda daaaayyym hectic and i jUst came back frOm my night class which finished at 10...ya ALLAH! only god knOws hOw tired i am..nAmun..i cAnt sleep  early jUga at the same time...assignments banyak tu,iya la juga bUt i think dat maybe mmg xbley tdo cUz tlampau apa yaaa...dUnno laaa...maaa sihh lae xtaw apa2 ne kNun...kili!
untuk djadikan crita,recently n semenjak dua menjak neh,my memories or my "daya ingatn" nOt dat gOOd ne bhaa...many things dat jUst happened to me or any bnda yg mau dbuat,I CANT REMEMBER lgsung...the thoughts pndai dtg ckit2 xlma lpas tu la tapi...(sOrry ayat tunggang terbalik.LOL) apa2 pOwn,jUst maw gtau e2 jak...PNDAI HILANG INGATAN juga saya neh...SHORT TERM MEMORY LOST org BRUNEI bilang...

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