Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LAMA x jUmpa U!

hey! its been a veeeeeeeeeeeeery looooooooong time since the last time i updated my blog bha pOwn tgah meRAJINkan diri m'update neh...wlaupun x rmai yg FOLLOW my bLog,ttap mcm ada yg bca gak i rsa..hhaa i i u u arrr me nOw...anywAys!
 ALHAMDULILLAH laa cUz my resuLt for this smester saaangat great n mningkat gak laa...wlaupun x sbrapa bUt yg pntg usaha slama ne x sia2 kan kan..ive been studying like hell kNUn...iyaa laa..didint get enOugh sleep n sat for exam for 5 straight days where each paper taken everyday for the whole 2 weeks..nOt whole laa bUIt seriously ..dayym hectic! kena2 lg im the type whO always do the "last minUte" study kann..cUz dats the oNLy way im able to adapt all the "ilmu2" gave by the lecturers...FRANKLY...apa2 pOwn..THUMBS UP ieQa!

heeee...peeps! FYI..ive been sickd fOr a week...ive hAd this "GASTRIC" problem thing which kinda killing me as i cAnt mOve n jUst to lay dOwn on bed  felt like my tUmmy wAs like explode or felt like the tUmmy been scratched or smthng..apa2 pOwn,IT DAMN HURTS! i ddnt eAt for like 3 days as i'll throw em all oUt juga after i ate...sO,nO use! it wAs a great damn painful experience n it'll be mOre siOk if i was admitted in hospital or smthng..haha! i LIKE!
heyyy..i kiNda realize smthng u knOw...its like daymm awful just tO know that there are many gUys i kNow whO actually add HOT GIRLS in FB wlaupun they dnt knOw each other...

n the intention by dOing so is jUst to staLk n ada NIAT juga laa untk berknal2an cUz manala tau kan they will TER HOOK UP or smtthng...its like OMG!!HAHA...i dnt knOw abOUt the grls who did the same twrads the gUys bUt itu laa..i just wanna kasi kuar my opinion laaaa...there are also girls like dat i think bUt im nOt gOnna say this here if i dO that kan kan... :)) its nOt wrOng to do that..bUt seems like gUys nOwadays CaNT be tRusted n everythng..ive seen n met gUys yg actually looking for HOT GIRLS or CHIx to be their gF n be prOud of dat n everythng...sO,as a CONCLUSION,im nOt gOnna choose a gUy with that criteria.NOKTAH

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