Thursday, June 9, 2011

EARLY MORNING! sUppose to be in bed by nOw..i wAs planning to sleep bUt i ended up sitting here in frOnt of this pc aNd narrating laa..actually...i was intended to sleep as i was damn sleepy jUst nOw smester for my last sem of diploma has just begun and i was kinda excited as i really want all of this end and start wit a new life n study...EXCITED! sgt!

i miss sOmething bUt i just dnt knOw what is dat...a person?a thing? a memories? dOnt knOw!
i've class this morning at 8 and still here and cant sleep! i think im off for bed nOw cUz i was intended to jUst write smthng or maybe even just a few words on this lonely bLog as its been a long time since the last time i posted an ya peeps! lovelove!
*mOre nEw stOries nanti as i jUst remembered many things happen lately...haha*

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