Sunday, June 12, 2011

hye people!

mcm bAru tOn8 i gve salam ryte..
aNyways...HYE! nOw i kinda have sOme "free" time and cAn pOst smthng here...
well...yesterday n tOday wAs kinda bUsy day fOr me...ive tO read books,tidy up the hOuse,cOOking aNd etc..hehe..i enjOyed it thOugh... :)) in dilemma or maybe in a cOnfuse or any stats that actually bUrden me here...its kinda hard jUst to tAke care of people's the type who actually pUt people's feeling first rather than mine...i dnt kNow whther its good or nOt bUt dats me..i thnk dats the problem jUst afraid that i might hUrt people's feeling if i dOnt really "communicate" or treat them well...i think,it need to be stated clearly that the FRIENDLY characteristic that i have is actually tO shOw that i do care abOUt people's feeling and i dOnt want to be called or labelled as "sNobbish" or any other BAd wOrd that describing me...well THAT'S PIQA! that's me!
u knOw Ut...i dnt feel like shOwing people my bLog as im kinda "malu2" or maybe afraid that people or gOnna jUdge me or smthng...bUt there's the other side of me which really wanted tO show the world and people hOw i feel and everythng...BUT..tgOk la nNt iv i rAjin or "tukar angin"...jUst wAit n see...
heyyy...feels fOr bed nOw... lovelove!

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