Wednesday, June 22, 2011


heyyy! its been awhile since the last time i pOsted smthng cne...
aNywayss...IM MOTIVATED by smthing jUst nOw...i was kinda feel sorry for myself for nOt being serious in my stUdy n nOw i really3 cant wait tO pUrsue n cOntinue my stUdy in degree level n stUdy n find experince as many as i can.... *to be continued...ada hal (lol)*

im bAck!
sAMBUng cetaaa...i was mOtivated n nOw im dayyym excited n  looking forward tO finish my diploma and cOntinue wit my pLanning to take tesyl cOurse or smthng as i LOVE ENGLISH   n yaaa..i wAnna be a TEACHER as well..*cool ayte??* its kinda lame bUt itu yg sya mau jadi since dulu2...SO,yaaaaa...CHAIYO2! 

im kinda feeling daymm DOWN nOw as many prObs seems tO disturbing me n distracting my fOcus ...i wanna revise my PAD390 as tmrrOw we have QUIZ knun..BUT SERIOUSLY,IM NOT IN A MOOD to stUdy or anythng...

IM also DAYM EXHAUSTED...sooo,NIGHT PEOPLE! lovelove!

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