Monday, August 22, 2011

nO more WE/ US or yg swaktu dgannya....

i dOnt really feel good since td siang~actually, since the other days lg bUt mlas laaa...i jUst dnt feel gOOd and my mOOd is just dayym low...i dont really wanted to talk a lot n wUt so eva due to few reasons i think...i want the old US/ WE cUz i feel like the days like we used to have back then xda sdh today...seriously, i feel terribly sad...i know that its a good thing tio be like "together" n i am happy for it too..its just dat i dnt feel cmfortable i think...the rlation btween those involved is actually makes me feel more good friends who will take care of each other n what we usually did back then before everythng went tuuutttttttt~ :'( i just feel awful...n feels dayym bad...sorry but this is what i feel.

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