Sunday, December 18, 2011

hidup..begini la neh...

kinda feel lonely mmg...mum and other siblings went to labuan ysterday and im all alone here in kk live at my aunt's "heaven"...sunyiii xda omar wit me..sunyi cuz i kinda feel bad about smthng bUt theres no need to mention cuz ntah laa~ hard to jaga people's feelings...i just feel bad for those ive hurt..for them "its fine" la apa laa but yet i still ffel bad about everythng...i dnt know if its ok for not being able to satisfy them or give them what they want...for me,its crucial but i jst dont know how to complete and done that well...urghhh...tknan pown ada gak...
i had durian for breakfast..saja mau jadi gila for awhile and migrain dtg and im about to become GILA
have a nice day peeps! 

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