Saturday, January 7, 2012


hey! xpyah la wish2 HAPPY NEW YEAR kan...lama sdh the muslims celebrated new year neh..xda maknanyaa kunun...
its been a week and few days past...lama xda contact with SOME  or maybe ONE of my friend...its nOt that i "sombong" or "lupa kawan" or "sudah jumpa kawan baru" or what so ever..its just that i thought that,by contact and cari the FRIEND yg i meant tu, it might give or showed that ada peluang or what so ever laa...(faham2 la ya)
i didnt mean to do such hurts mmg but sometimes itu jak la yg bleh dibuat...i think...i really feel bad and think that gila awful this thing would be...thats why i decided nOt to "hook up" or having any serious r/ship today...

gonna sleep with awful thoughts mmg neh...lovelove!

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