Sunday, April 1, 2012

"words for those involved" ???

hey...maybe for those who read my posts jak yg tau the reason why i actually chose untk not to contact or "keep in touch" or apa2 with others...i even rarely top up my phone crdts ...its actually because i was trying to have time for myself..ive tried and still trying...although busy with family thingy and evrything smpai  jarang contact with le friends, mmg terfikir juga to say SORRY for that and wish that le friends might understand the situation im not intended to become a complete STRANGER to anyone..serious...atas sebab2 tertentu and i think that maybe Allah pun sudah decide untuk it happens that way, jadi begitu la tu...just follow the flow and  friends tetap friends and will always akan diingat...and insyallah, we'll get to keep in touch and tegur each other bha juga...Mohon maaf and bukan STRANGER bhaaa kitaa~masih diingat juga and iinsyallah perangai ku terhadap u guys SAHABAT2 ku masih sama.

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