Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Assalamualaikum...Sobahul Khair! Greetings!

I've went through all the posts that i have posted since the last few months and MashaAllah,it was unarranged,posted with such immature words, many typing errors which is not the big deal there but still, i think that it shows that I was still in the process of "change-ing" that time.

I realized that all words shows/reflects who we are...that's what abah told his kids not too long ago and still reminds us, "setiap perkataan atau ayat yg kita post d FB ka yg kita sebut atau cakap ka,semua tu menunjukkan diri kita dan siapa kita...". Indeed.So, i've decided to do something on it.

Hari ini, im spending my time at home doing chores and other things related to "house". Washing the dishes,do the laundries,clean the rooms and the house and etc. With the absence of my other siblings atul and wiyah, all chores seems hard to be done (achingg)... I just feel that I miss them...Miss to hari2 fight manja2 with them, miss to teriak2 calling their names utk suruh buat kerja and semua lah...I miss Omar more! He's my pengarang jantung kan...I just miss them...I miss umi's voice calling out her children's name out loud asking us to do things...this and that...Amin si anak dara? I dont really miss him...haha.

The reason why i want to blog pagi2 sambil buat kerja ni is because I was thinking that perubahan yg berlaku or any words that come out or posted by me,semua  tu ikhlas and IF u guys see any difference in me, doakan jak yg terbaik untukku. Im trying to improve myself to become a better Muslimah. To become hamba Allah yg sentiasa ingat akanNya. To become anak abah & umi yg solehah. To become kakak yg bertanggungjawab and menjadi contoh yg baik utk adik2. To become cucu yg solehah dan taat. To become a good friend and a good listener untuk teman2 and sahabat2 di dunia. To become hamba Allah yg dijadikan sebaik2 ciptaanNya.Insyaallah. All i need is support and doa dari semua selain dari doa yg aku minta dari Allah setiap waktu.

Till then,xoxo. Assalamualaikum.

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