Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tolong doakan kesihatan Abah.

Abah, tengah sakit right now. Sakit yg he had few years ago when i was 18 where he was admitted in SMC for a month and  spent a week in ICU...Im worried right now,thinking about the way he act as he acted strangely since a month ago...Batuknya started a month ago and berterusan sampai sekarang...Doctor did said that he was expected to alami "TB" but not confirmed yet and now masih menunggu result from hospital...We did force him to check lagi d pakar or whatsoever but he refused and Umi kena scolded by him as he refuse to go to the hospital,again. Sekarang tengah menunggu masa untuk inform abah's siblings so "that action can be taken"...Tolong doakan abahku supaya cepat sembuh yaaa...Doakan.

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