Sunday, February 2, 2014



Hey. My eyes just wont shut. Cant sleep.
I just thought of something while waiting for the eyes to shut. Here's the thing...I love to write. I love making words and play with words. Its just that MAY/ MIGHT be that im just too lazy to move these hands to type and yaaa...create words of mine. I really wanted to express my thoughts and feelings through words which then i can share to everybody.

I've been thinking that people nowadays, compared to when I was 7 years old back then, they used to have these kinda habit where they spend their time by playing or having fun with their gadgets. Even me myself does it but I tend to 'decrease' the time playing gadgets after realizing that I have family and friends around me who needs me more than the gadgets do. Dont u think so?

Abah used to tease us and kinda gave us a warning when he said, "Puas sudah tengok muka abah kamu ni?" while we were busy with our phones during the meal time with Abah and Umi. It does give me a HUGE impact everytime the words crossed my mind . I regret the time I've spent and the 'little' attention I gave to Abah. 

There are so many things,situations, culture and such which the difference are way too far from what human beings used to had back then. It does show huge differences and some tend to neglecting it and get use to today's environment which for me, a sooo not good way of living a life.

Lets just pray that we will always get Allah's blessings and will be given chance to walk through the right path that is prepared for those who He love.