Monday, June 22, 2015


Its been awhile,huh?
The 'typing mood' is on now but i dont know how far will i go. Anyway, it is the month of Fasting now. Its the holy month Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah for the chance given to live untill today. U should too. Thank Allah for giving a chance to fix ourselves to be a better person and to seek His forgiveness and blessings.

This is the third Ramadhan without abah and yaaa... The loss is still and will never be replace. "Kerana Allah sayang" is what i always convinced myself of whenever i feel empty. Its normal to cry and when it comes to le family of Panans, it is sooooo US. Abah was a very easy touched person or in other word, sensitive? Hehe. Its not that it is so easy to cry but whenever the tears fell down, we cried sincerely. No matter on what issue or on what reason the tears fell for. Whenever we are sad or even when we are happy that the tears will fell easily.
Even now when i think things turned out to be hard for me. I have not manage to get any offers for a job... I still couldnt afford umi and my siblings. Well, that is hard for me that makes me cry everytime i felt hopeless. But looking on the brightside, i still manage to do many things for umi, at least. Im the one who help to manage few things for them , i mean when umi is busy or unable to cope with it and such (The positivity came just right after i type this post, Alhamdulillah). I'll post more whenever i feel down then. Other than pour out my feelings to Allah😊  and again, you should too. It'll help you, in shaa Allah.

I miss all people around me. I miss the cheerful moments i had with everyone who was with me all of the time. I miss everything.😭