Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bisik Subuh Ramadhan(eching eching headline novel😁)

Hey! Good morning. Salam subuh bilang melayu.✌🏻️
Have u ever feel like someone does not like u just because who u are? I did. And i do now.
I still can feel that there is someone who doesnt like my character, of being such a cheerful person maybe? Well, i cant help when everyone around me treat myself like their daughter or their loved ones. I just dont know why but each and every one of us do have our own specialities. Or maybe in other word, a gift from Allah. Masing2 ada kelebihan and kekurangan dan begitu juga saya. As a human being, we couldnt avoid from making mistakes and being awesome is an advantage or bonus to us. 😎

Kalau ada yg tidak menyukai diri ini hanya kerana kelebihan yg aku ada, mohon lihat semula tentang apa kelebihan yang kamu ada yg sudah Allah bagi. Bersyukur dengan kelebihan itu dan tidak perlulah iri dengan apa yg orang lain ada. Seriously, i dont have anything good in me. Im doing my best to become myself and terus meminta redha Allah. Daripada bersifat iri and such, it is better for us to seek Allah's forgiveness and blessings. Semoga kita jadi hamba Allah yg sentiasa bersyukur & sentiasa ingat akan kebesaranNya dan semoga kita jadi anak2 yang soleh dan solehah. Mudah2an Allah setuju. Aamiin aamiin allahuma aamiin.
Till then, 🌹

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