Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey! Im typing with a  smile on my face ☺️ (Just saying)
I read some of the posts i posted before and yaaa... Semua posts was really2 spontaneously and I wasnt planned to typed all such things. Its just that the words were really2 came out without I realised it was all typed out๐Ÿ˜‚.
Ingin rasanya ku menyatakan(start mood penulis Melayu), setiap post atau kata2 Islamik yang aku kongsi mahupun yang aku keluarkan dari buah fikiran sendiri, semuanya tidak melambangkan tahap alim diriku. Ilmu ku belum cukup untuk melayakkan aku digelar sebagai seorang yang alim. Apa lagi dibilang ustazah, dibilang sok alim atau apa2 gelaran lain. Saya belum layak memanggil diri begitu. Tahap pengetahuan agamaku juga masih sangat di peringkat bawah dan masih dalam proses memperbaiki diri. Im trying to be a good Muslim and a good daughter to Umi and Abah. 
Ive ever planned to shut myself down or to be isolated from this world in terms of socialising and such. I wanted to shut down all my social media connection and not to get involved in what today's people are doing through this communication system called the INTERNET. The world become scarier than ever as what we can see happening to the people nowadays. Everything... Everything... I just cant describe it here but yes u can definitely see whats happening today. Im still trying and will keep on trying to do that. To achieve that. 
Im scared. Scared to imagine what will happen in future and will keep on praying and depends on Him. Just Him in shaa allah. ☺️

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